onboarding with TRACY

Welcome! If you are here, it means you are interested in onboarding with TRACY. You can work on PI missions and make as much as you want. And, the more you work on your missions, the more you could make. Plus, your payments get automatically deposited DAILY. We only work with licensed PIs, therefore in order to onboard with us, you need to be legally licenced for PI and security services. We are a technology company, therefore, we need to make absolutely sure that you are licensed and you comply with the law in regarding to private intelligence services.

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1/6Hello, let's know each other: please fill in your details

2/6Do you hold a PI license?

Did you work on private intelligence before?

3/6What specialities are you active in?

4/6What is your hourly cost?


Although USD is not de-facto standard, please aim to transform your local currency to USD as close as possible. This is just an approximation of your hourly rate.

Please have in mind that this rate will not affect your returns in the future. You can adjust your rates and numbers of hours in real time on every single mission you get from TRACY platform. We understand that every job is different and we aim for a minimum 6h work on every single mission.

5/6Are you willing to travel for investigations?


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